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Discipleship Community Church

Our families are made up of some great people who simply desire to grow as disciples of Jesus by loving God and loving others as we grow in biblical community together. No matter where you are on your journey of faith, there is a place and space for you!

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Resources & Events

At each St. Johns DCC gathering, we are all about community!

We’ve put all the resources you need each week in one easy location. Learn about upcoming gatherings and locations, download discussion guides, register for the next event, find lyrics for worship and more.

Sunday Mornings
Meet at La Venture Grove
2375 Moremen Rd, Switzerland, FL 32259

We believe in church in the community, and worship on Sunday mornings at the beautiful La Venture Grove along the St. Johns River. Gatherings are held under an open pavilion.

Occasionally we gather off-site. Please check the calendar weekly for details on our location and registration for all off-site gatherings.

Congregation - entering pavillion Paige Neal

The Pastors Blog

Welcome to the blog for St. John's Discipleship Community Church. Here you'll find timely words from our Pastors Bob and Paige.

November – December 2023

Advent Series: “Arrival” We are so excited about kicking off our very first Advent series this Sunday, November 26. It’s called, “Arrival” because that’s basically what the word “Advent” means. Usually when we think of Advent we think of a 25-day celebration of Jesus’ birth – His “Arrival” – which is true! However, during this…

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October 1st, 2023

Today we are really excited to kick-off a new 7-part study on the Book of Revelation we are calling, “Reveal.” So many people today have so many questions about this book  – even those in the secular media are asking questions. I read where the number one podcaster in the USA for the past 15…

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Did you know that there is a way to experience freedom today?

True freedom is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are beginning a new sermon series on Sunday, June 2nd going through the book of Galatians where freedom is one of the main themes.

By engaging in the accompanying journal, you will embark on a 30-day Scripture-based journey walking with Jesus through the New Testament and deepening your relationship with Him.

You can get a copy on Amazon HERE.